Install directly after downloading your file

Just download a file directly from your favorite flightsim file share site, drop it into the Package Manager and hit the install button. 


Package Manager is free to download and free to use, forever!

No configuration required!

 Just install and the Package Manager will automatically locate your MSFS installation and your Community Folder.

Supports multiple file types

Package Manager supports .ZIP .RAR and .7z. No extra sofware required!

How It Works

Package Manager is designed to be fast and easy to use

Queueing Files

You can drag and drop compressed files directly into the Package Manager. Or use the browse button to browse to the file(s) you want to queue.

Multiple files can be queued for deployment.  When you add a file, Package Manager will verify it complies with the requirements.


Once you added all the files you want to deploy, just click the Install button and Package Manager will do the rest! You don’t even need to tell it where it has to deploy your community addons, Package Manager will automatically find the correct location on your system!


Package Manager allows you to manage all your installed Community Content. Grouped by type, each package will be listed by its Name and its Developers name. Clicking on a package will give you more information such as Version Number and Size on Disk. You will also be able to remove a package from your computer with a single button click.

Download now!

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